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Getting to know the teachings of the Learning Quran should not be a problem. This is the reason why Quran Online Learning has developed an extremely easy to understand online learning process that you can go through yourself or your children to learn. Follow these steps to make it happen.

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Simply click on “Chat Now” and A contact form will open. There, enter your basic details such as name, Country, and contact information. Once you are done with providing us theses basic credentials, We are emailing you for the feather process.

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When we receive your registration request, we will contact you to arrange a time for you to attend your free demo class. We will also explain how we teach the Quran and provide you with some background information about our company.

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Initiate your Quran learning process by contact us on Skype ID in that we provide you to start taking your first class with our Quran teachers.

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Few word about learn quran oline

Few Words About

Quran Online Learning

Quran Online Learning is an independent entity managed by a small group of dedicated professionals. We welcome everyone to learn the teachings of the holy Quran and the commandments of Islam irrespective of their race, colour, or cast. We aim to make every Muslim understand and follow the basic principles of our religion so as to ensure we can become a better Ummah as well as make this world a better place for everyone to live in.

  • Easy to understand process
  • Equal attention to every student
  • Timing that suits everyone
  • One to one sessions

Why Choose us?

Quran Online Learning has been enlightening Muslims about the teachings of the holy Quran and making their lives according to the principles of Islam. We take pride in what we do and we take it upon ourselves to make our brothers and sisters good Muslims. With a step by step process designed by keeping in mind the objective of teaching our students correctly.

We aim to make you learn Quran with tajweed comprehensively. Having the luxury of taking classes online, you can choose the timings that suit your timetable best, learn everything through the comfort of your home, and take guidance from our experienced Quran teachers anytime you want. Even if you have gone to some place for holiday with your children, this online Quran learning process keeps you connected with us every single day.

Our expert Quranic teachers know the value of everyone’s time, therefore, they are extremely punctual and never miss a class for any reason. You can rest assured that once you start taking these online Quran learning classes with us, you will be reading Quran fluently in no time.

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Package 1

2 Days / Week
8 Classes/Month

$2599/ Monthly
  • 30 min/day
  • Quran reading
  • Namaz / Salah
  • Duas & Kalmas

Package 2

3 Days / Week
12 Classes/Month

$3099/ Monthly
  • 30 min/day
  • Quran reading
  • Namaz / Salah
  • Duas & Kalmas

Package 3

5 Days / Week
20 Classes/Month

$4099/ Monthly
  • 30 min/day
  • Quran reading
  • Namaz / Salah
  • Duas & Kalmas

Package 4

Weekend Classes
8 Classes/Month

$3599/ Monthly
  • 30 min/day
  • Quran reading
  • Namaz / Salah
  • Duas & Kalmas

Our Services

quran online reading course

Quran Reading Course

Quran Online learning provides a specialized “Quran Reading Course online”. Through this module, you or your kids can learn Quran recitation online reception in all over the world under the orientation of skillful teachers (males & females). The Quran teaching experts at Quran Online Learning will teach you or your kids all features of Quran recitation. You will learn the proper pronunciation of verses of Quran, different rules of reciting the Quran, and even the etiquette of Quran recitation.

quran online tajweed course

Online Tajweed Course

It Is Considered As Innovative Step For Mastering Quran Recitation. Some People Believe That Studying With Tajweed Is Not Obligatory For Correct Quran Recitation. Well, They Are Mistaken! Quran Online Learning Introduce The “Quran Tajweed Course Online”. Through This Advanced And Customizable Online Course, You Or Your Kids Can Learn Tajweed Quran Online Reception With Professional Mentor Who Master The Quran Recitation With Tajweed. We Provide The Expert Quranic Teachers Know The Value Of Everyone’s Time, On Our QOL.

learn quran online

Noorani Qaida Course

This is the first step while you learn Quran online. Quran Online Learning provides “Online Noorani Qaida Course”. Through this comprehensive and customizable course, you or your kids can learn Quran online reception in several countries like USA, UK & Australia or anywhere in the world with highly-qualified Quran tutors. Our tutors will start with you from the basics like learning the Arabic alphabet, reading simple words, then reading complete sentences, and eventually reading portions of Quran

quran online memorization course

Quran Memorization Course

This course is specially designed for people that live in Western countries like USA, UK Australia or anywhere in the world. This course is online because people do not wish to travel and need to memorize Quran while enjoying the comfort of their home. Quran Online Learning introduce “Quran Memorization Course”. Through this particular and personalized course, you or your kids can learn memorizing Quran online reception with expert Quran tutors who already are Hafiz/Hafiza.

online tafsir course

Quran Tafsir Course

During the “Tafseer Quran Course online”, you will learn the meaning of verses word by word, Islamic laws, the sophistic and complicated ideas through the oral display, comparison of Quran with other previously revealed scriptures, and much more. By end of this Tafsir program, you will be able to interpret any Quran verses properly with needful proofs. You will enjoy this course while sitting reception. You are doing not need to travel anywhere within the country. Just enroll yourself and begin your course online in all over the world.

online ijazah course

Online Ijazah Course

The final and last step in your journey of Quran learning is to urge certified for Quran recitation, memorization, or Tafsir. The foremost accredited and recognized certificate of Quran education is known as “Ijazah” You can get Ijazah in Quran recitation, memorization, or tafseer online reception in Pakistan by taking this course provided by Quran Online Learning. Through this “Quran Ijazah” course, our certified Quran scholars will attest your skills, assess your knowledge and then will take exam of your area of interest then grant you Ijazah.