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السلام عليكم ورحمةالله وبركاته                  


images freeLearn Quran online at home  convenient and affordable program for those brothers and sisters who have difficulties to Get Quran Class with Tajweed at home while living any sect of the world so Online Quran Learning is a cheap and comfortable program, which has been

designed especially for children by For online classes, students are allowed to choose their times and days that are access able for taking from highly qualified online tutors.

At all online tutors are having at least 5 years experience of teaching the Islamic courses, Alhumdolilah we are teaching The Holy Quran online one to one class by using visual sharing software’s and latest Quran teaching method for those kids who want to learn Quran with Tajweed


Our Online Courses: 

1: Quran learning with Tajweed from alphabets for beginners
2: Quran learning and reciting with advance rules of tajweed
3: Memorization of The Holy Quran with proper rule of Tajweed….
4: Holy Quran word by word translation and tafseer in Urdu…..
5: Basic Islamic concepts, Slat, Duain, Kalmy with meaning for kids and adult.



Quran Advance Course:


Quran online introduces the Quran Advance course, Alhamdulillah.

We have the passion to serve Islam, Special for those brothers and sisters do not have sufficient time to learn Quran. We have reduced the class duration 15 min and Fee will be less. Which you can check on Fee section



Online Quran Learning Benefits:   

* One to one classes for fully concentration

* Latest screen sharing software for learning

* Affordable fee for online provided courses

* Quran learning with tajweed from alphabets

* Class time can be changed after every month

* Free classes for 3 days as trail and satisfaction

* A fully Quran learning environment is provided

* Class time will be at students’ choice and desire

* No need to travel for Quran learning with tajweeed

* A great fee package for family and multiple students



* Skypye Setup * Team Viewer Setup * Google Talk Setup * Mikogo Starter 





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